China plans penetrating South Eastern European markets for the beneficial economic context after the economic crisis. Chinese companies already started negotiating with Romanian and Bulgarian authorities, and the Chinese government offers 1 billion dollars credit for the Republic of Moldova - which will cover 2 years of current account deficits, The Wall Street Journal reads.

While Serbia, Moldova and Turkey prepared coherent strategies to attract Chinese investments, Romania and Bulgaria offer cheap access to investments on the European market, Margot Schuler, German Institute of Global and Area Studies economist reads.

Eurostat informs that investments are low, totaling only 71 million euro, last year. However, there are estimates that investments will increase rapidly.

In September, in Romania, at Rasnov the first tractors made by the Chinese Shantuo Agricultural Machinery Equipment. Plans see the construction of 100,000 tractors in the Romanian factory. The factory represents a 20 million dollars investment.