Companies in Romania went through one extreme to the other in just one year - from extreme optimism regarding the business evolution in 2009 to the worst expectations for 2010. Similar differences are registered in Cyprus, Slovakia, Croatia. In the same time, companies in countries like Portugal, Netherlands, Denmark are optimist when it comes to 2010 predictions - a Eurochambers survey reads.

Companies are slow to regain trust on the market and 2010 perspectives are not positive, in general. It clear that 2009 was a bag year which lead to drops in production, investments and personnel. However, the situation differs when it comes to the big European economies like those in Italy, Germany or Great Britain.

Austria, Finland and the Netherlands present the highest expectations in the business environment while Romania, Cyprus and the Czech Republic, present the most dramatic drops of the indicator.

In 2009, the trustworthiness indicator in the business environment was higher than Europe but for 2010 its level is among the lowest. The same phenomenon is registered when it comes to expectations related to business profits.

In the euro zone, 29% of the respondents consider that 2010 will be a favorable year while 22% anticipate a law economic development. Companies outside the euro zone are more optimistic than the other: 41% expect 2010 to be more favorable for business than this year.