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Republic of Moldova: Barbed-wire fence on Romanian border will be melted. Bridge over Prut will be built

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Joi, 21 ianuarie 2010, 17:52 English | Regional Europe

The barbed wire on Republic of Moldova's border with Romania will be melted and the metal will be used to build a bridge between the two countries, the Moldavian Transport and Road Infrastructure minister Anatol Salaru declared, reads.

Local authorities from the Ungheni rayon debated on Thursday the action plan to get rid of the barbed-wire fence at the Romanian border. Local mayors in towns on Prut banks, Council of Ungheni rayon councillors and representatives of the Police, Prosecutors, Border service, Hunters and Fishermen Associations, as well as other local organisations and services will decide the way in which the measure taken by the Filat Cabinet in December will be enforced.

Several local mayors said they were in favour of preserving the barbed-wire fence on certain areas, either for the protection and safety of the locals, or the preservation of some ecologic areas.

The PM in Chisinau, Vlad Filat, signed on January 9 the disposition requesting the Border Service and, if the case, the local public administration, to make sure the barbed-wire fence at the border was dismantled, Unimedia informs. According to the document, the procedures and details are meant to be decided by the end of the month.

Vlad Filat considers that keeping the fence at the border with a "friend country" in the 21st century, when Europe's borders are transparent and people have the freedom of travel in "embarrassing".

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