Romania's policy of close ties with the Republic of Moldova makes the British think twice. They worry that this will generate a new East European immigration wave, which could reach Great Britain and the other EU members, where they will have the right to resign and work, reads.

"Tens of thousands of citizens from Moldova – Europe’s poorest country – will soon be granted rights to live and work in the UK and other EU states as part of a controversial Bucharest policy offering Romanian citizenship", the British press reads.

The publication notes that Romanian President Traian Basescu reaffirmed his pledge during his last week's visit in Chisinau, namely to offer Romanian citizenship to Moldovan citizens requesting it due to the historic tie between the two countries. It was then that Traian Basescu announced the set up of the National Citizenship Authority, which would speed up the processing of requests: the authorities in Bucharest received one million requests for citizenship in the last five months, following a new law granting citizenship.

Presently, Moldavians need a visa in order to work or live in Romania. But after gaining Romanian citizenship, they will be allowed to live and work in the EU.