Prosecutors started a penal investigation in the case involving Romanian diplomat Silviu Ionescu, Romania's business attache in Singapore. Ionescu was expatriated after his involvement in an accident which killed a person and injured another two. According to judicial sources quoted by the Romanian news agency Mediafax, Ionescu was called by prosecutors and notified about the accusations against him.

Ionescu is currently the object of the penal investigation for manslaughter, for fleeing the accident and false declarations.

On December 15, 2009, a car pertaining to the Romanian embassy, a A6 Audi hit three passers-by at 3:10 local time at Bukit Panjang. One of the victims, Tong Kok Wai, aged 30, died on Christmas day due to complications and the two other victims were injured.

Romania's Foreign Affairs ministry requested, on January 5, Romanian prosecutors to investigate the case and sent all information available to the prosecutors. In the same day, the diplomat was recalled in Romania.