The cold wave, which provoked tens of victims in Romania reached Italy as well. Among those severely affected by the extremely low temperatures are two Romanians who died in North Italy: one in Mira, nearby Venice and another in Padua. The two were living on the streets and did not have a place to live or a job. Italian authorities are trying to identify the relatives of the two Romanians. However, the number of Romanian homeless in Italy might be higher.

The last Romanian struck but the cold wave in Italy was Mircea Mailat, aged 48 who died on February 1 at Mira. He had a stroke at 8 am after he spent his night on a bench in a park at -7 degrees Celsius.

Citizens in Mira knew Mailat pretty well and declared that he never bothered anybody and used to talk often about his family. Unfortunately, local authorities declared that he never addressed social services in the area for help.

The city hall expressed its willingness to help the man's family with money for the corpse but so far, they were no able to reach his family.

Just two days before, Padua police discovered the body of another Romania, aged 50. Witnesses declared that the man was Romanian but authorities did not manage to find out his name.

Local authorities in Padua set up a shelter for the homeless to protect them for the cold.