The temporary president of Romania's Eastern neighbour the Republic of Moldova Mihai Ghimpu, alongside the other leaders of the Alliance for European Integration - Vlad Filat, Marian Lupu and Serafim Urechean - discussed during a TV show on the state's constitution reform. Talking about the issue of naming the language spoken in Moldova, Mihai Ghimpu said "the language is Romanian and punctum [n.b. full stop in Latin]. We don't need to make political speculations around this subject, but to solve the issues we face", notes.

Talking about the reform of the constitution in the Republic of Moldova, Mihai Ghimpu declared: "It is time to have a Constitution that features those European norms. We don't have to get out of the social-economic downturn by using all those legislative gaps".

Moldavian PM Vlad Filat, leader of the Liberal Democratic Party, indicated hat the current Constitution "has certain impairments which don't address only he way in which the country's President is elected. The Constitution is bound to be improved eventually."

Liberal Moldavian Party president Marian Lupu added: "The Constitution is not a dogma and needs to be developed. Yes, there are gaps which allow for interpretations and which represent a serious reason to change it, but this has to be done by reaching national consensus, meaning a referendum". Lupu noted that internal debates regarding the altering of the constitution are to conclude by end of February 2010, when an official decision will be released.