Russian envoy to NATO Dmitri Rogozin rejects Transnistria's intention of installing Iskander missiles, Ria Novosti reads. Rogozin considers that this could lead to a regional conflict and states that it would not be the case of efforts to re-launch US - Russia relationships if Moscow continues to find out from newspapers about the Unites States' plan of installing missile shield elements in Romania.

"This situation could lead to a rather serious regional argument or even a political conflict. In regard to whether Iskanders should be deployed there or not, Iskander [missiles are] not a means to be used in such talks," Rogozin declared. "How can we talk of a true partnership with Washington if we read unpleasant news in newspapers," Rogozin added.

Tiraspol administration leader Igor Smirnov stated on Monday, February 15 2010, that Transnistria may accept hosting a Russian Iskander missile system if Russia should make such a proposal.