V.R is a Romanian who, after 5 years of working in the banking system in Romania, decided to work in Austria on the corporate risk sector. Now, he is 26 years old and his first job in the field was at 19. Hotnews.ro talked with him, about his reasons to leave and his experience in Austria.

I decided to leave the country because I was disappointed - in Romania promotions are not merit based there is no account of abilities and talent, the Romanian confesses. He added that you could only thrive if you knew somebody well-placed in the bank's hierarchy.

Currently, he wins 3000 euro compared to the 3000 lei in Romania. The differences, he says, are huge: for example, the interview in Austria took two hours and was completely different than in the country.

In Austria, mentality is very different: you cannot promote somebody in less than 5 years, irrespective of their talent or skills proven. Back in Romania I used to work 10 hours but here I do not get to stay more than 8 hours and I can come to the job whenever I want between 7 to 11 am, but 8 hours is a must.