More and more Romanian doctors choose to work in France, as the French medical system is on the verge of collapse due to lack of specialists. But there are also doctors who open their own private businesses, French publication La Voix du Nord reads. The phenomenon increased in 2008, Vice President of the Medical Order Dr. Bethune reads.

We receive 10 doctors in the region, per year, Bethune declared. Romanian specialists benefit from better conditions then those coming from outside the EU because they can reside in France without any problems.

Foreign specialists, however, are seen as solution to the lack of medical personnel in the French system. Bethune declared that foreigners are well received in the system. The article is not the only one on the topic, as many publications took up the story.

In January Ouest France published an interview with a Romanian doctor who accepted an offer to become a doctor in the Ereac commune. Eastern European doctors are seen as tre safety net for French rural areas where French doctors flee from.

Migration of Romanian doctors to France became a widely known phenomenon for the French and they specialized in sending them wherever is needed. Earlier this year le Monde read about two French companies who recruits Romanian doctors for rural French areas.