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March 2: 18 years since war started in Transnistria

de Carla Dinu, transl/adapt. C.B.
Marţi, 2 martie 2010, 9:37 English | Regional Europe

The Moldovan Government declared March 2 a day to commemorate those fallen in the armed conflict to protect the integrity and independence of the Republic of Moldova (1991-1992).

The conflict in Transnistria is a conflict between republic of Moldova and the Nistrian Moldavian republic for the control over Camenca, Dubasari, Grigoriopol, Ribnita districts and the city of Tiraspol on the left bank of Nistru river and Tighina city on the right bank, Radio Romania Actualitati informs.

The conflict debuted in 1990, immediately after the Nistrian Moldvaian republic proclaimed its independence, on September 2. After Moldova received the UN membership (March 2, 1992), Moldavian president Mircea Snegur authorised a military intervention against the separatist forces, which attacked and occupied the police headquarters in Dubasari, left of Nistru, during night time.

Om march 2 in Chisinau and several towns in Moldova religious masses were held in the memory of those fallen during the armed conflict. Flowers were laid at the heroes' cemeteries.

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