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A British citizen discovered a family of Romanians settled in his house

de A.C.
Marţi, 23 martie 2010, 14:28 English | Regional Europe

A British citizen discovered that a family of Romanians settled in his house while he was away for two hours. The man realized he left his wallet home and, when he returned, after two hours, he found the two, with a child, comfortably installed in his house, The Daily Mail reads.
The event took place on December 7, 2009 and now the court condemned the two adults to 100 hours of work for the community. Mihai and Laura Dediu told the owner of the house that they moved into his house as they heard that it is empty.

The British, however said that he had only gone for two hours. Mihai Dediu, aged 30 and his wife, aged 24 admitted that they broke and entered his house in Northampton but rejected accusations of robbery.

The two declared that another Romanian told them they can move into the house, as it is empty. Prosecutor Michael Waterfield declared that it is possible that the story of the two is real but they must have realized it is not deserted as they entered the house.

The two moved to Great Britain three years ago and rented a two bedroom apartment where they lived with their daughters, Rebecca and Denisa. Dediu, a worker in the construction sector, with an average annual salary of 8000 pounds declared that the house seemed deserted.

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