Justice in Singapore has 13 accusations against former Romanian business attache Silviu Ionescu, a day after the general prosecutor found him guilty in two car accidents in December last year, which lead to the death of one and the injury of another two.

Accusations refer to reckless, death causing driving, injury, flee from the place of the accident, refusal to accept a report of the police after the accident, a press release of the Singapore Foreign Affairs Ministry reads.

The document reads that representatives of the ministry called Romanian Ambassador Aurelian Neagu to talk, next week, about the problem. On the other hand, The Straits Times comments that Silviu Ionescu enjoys diplomatic immunity and authorities in Bucharest did not give any sign that they plan to withdraw the immunity of the diplomat.

Contacted by Singapore journalists, the former diplomat repeatedly said that he is not surprised by the verdict and said that it is nonsense.