Romania is the first country in the world to approve tests for a three year use of a fungicide which is known to contain a toxic chemical, initium for vineyards, potatoes, tomatoes, onion. Until now, the other European states avoided to approve the use of this product which raised a lot of controversies. European Parliamentarian, Romanian Daciana Sarbu declared for that no country is interested in the product.

Agriculture ministry officials declard that other states have extraordinary interests. According to Adrian Radulescu, State Secretar, the fungicide will be tested for two years and this is already the second year since its testing started.

Fungicides based on Initium are produced by BASF company, world leader in the chemical industry. Romania is ready to use this product on a large scale even though at this moment, it is only at an experimental stage.

European Parliamentarian Daciana Sarbu sent an official letter to the European Commission to find out more about the chemical product used in agriculture. However, Sarbu was not satisfied with the Commission's explanations. She declared that she did not understand very well the explanation and that she will address to other European institutions.