Romania's Embassy to Paris has sent three letters of protest demanding apologies and that sanctions be applied after French TV station France 2 mocked at a so-called "Romanian salute" - the hand put forward and open upwards, which is typical for beggars.

Representatives of the Embassy told Romanian news agency Mediafax that three letters were sent to the president of France Television, which includes France 2, to the France Television programming director and to the French audiovisual council respectively about the situation.

The Embassy demanded public apologies and that people responsible for the situation be sanctioned as well as proof of guarantees that similar situations would not happen in the future.

On Sunday, April 17, France2 broadcast a show in which comedian Jonathan Lambert played with words, relating the Roman Salute with the so-called Romanian Salute: "S'il vous plait, Messieurs, Mesdames!" said with a bow, hand forward and open upwards as beggars usually do.