Bandalona Popular Party in Spain rejoins the scandal triggered by some flyers with the messages "We do not want Romanians". Local leader of the party, Xavier Garcia Albiol shared several flyers across the streets and said that his gesture is justified because there are Romanian gypsies who came to Spain just to steal, Barcelona Reporter reads.

He explained that the photos in the flyers were particularly chosen to reveal that real problems of the society and named those who accuse them of xenophobia of ignoring reality.

The fler presents the image of two women who have their heads covered next to the message "Is your neighborhood safe?". Within the flyer, stands the logo of the party and the word "Security". Below them, several pictures portraying a car accident, a dirty street and a balcony where 6 immigrants are seen.

The President of the Badalona Popular Party, Albiol, explained that the aim of this action is to reveal the major problem the community confronts. Romanian gypsy groups installed in the city to steal and create many other problems, he said.