Romanians organise a campaign against Bulgarian tourism, hotels owners from the Golden Sands claim, quoted by Sunday papers in Sofia.

A huge scandal ignited on Saturday in the Bulgarian resort of the Golden Sands, with several luxury cars belonging to Romanian owners stolen. The Bulgarian Police investigates the case where it is believed that a pack of Romanian thieves have stolen the cars on Bulgarian shore, Standart reads, quoted by Romanian news agency Agerpress.

Meanwhile, hotel owners assume this might as well be a campaign to discredit Bulgarian tourism.

Mayor of the Romanian town called Clejanin, Mr. Florin Nidelea, who happened to be in Bulgaria, was the source of another scandal this weekend, on Saturday. After finding his BMW-X5 was missing from the parking alongside several other cars, Nidelea started to shout on the corridor of the five-star hotel Melia Grand Hermitage and protested by dropping his trousers.

"The Romanian guests have put on a real show", the hotel's deputy Deian Kolev manager declared. According to him, the hotel was not responsible for the cars parked outside its parking. "We wrote in four languages, including Romanian, that we cannot be held responsible for the cars parked outside our parking", he added.

Nidelea declared that other five cars belonging to Romanian tourists lodged in the Albena resort have disappeared on Friday night after parked in front of a hotel. According to Nidelea, the Bulgarian police and the Romanian diplomats were informed on all cases. The mayor from Clejani claims that a Bulgarian gendarme has acted aggressively with one of the Romanian tourists.

Romanian tourism minister Elena Udrea told Realitataea TV reporters on Saturday that she "regrets the incident" and that she would have recommended the Romanian tourists to "spend their holiday at the Romanian seaside, where this would not have happened".

According to data, thousand Romanian tourists spent last weekend on the Bulgarian Black Sea shore.