Slovakia has recalled is ambassador from Hungary for consultations, after Hungarian PM Orban announced Budapest wanted to relax the system of granting citizenships for Hungarian ethnics living outside the country, the Hungarian Foreign Affairs minister Peter Balasz announced today, May 13, quoted by

Balasz said during a TV interview that the addition of the new laws must not be rushed before the elections in Slovakia. Or else, the position of the Hungarian minority party from Slovakia could be weakened.

A Slovakian Foreign Affairs Ministry spokesperson declared for the MTI agency that ambassador Peter Weiss was recalled for consultations because the Government to come into power in Hungary does not wish to discuss the law of double citizenship with Slovakia.

The Hungarian parliament intends to discuss this subject in the Friday's session.

The elections in Hungary were won by the centre-right party Fidesz, led by Viktor Orban, after eight years of leftist governance. They got 263 seats, sufficient to form the Government.

In the beginning of May, Viktor Orban said that he will be the Prime-Minister of all Hungarians in the world, a population estimated to count 15 million.