EU Ambassadors to Romania or Singapore together with other European diplomats showed interest, curiosity and concern for the case of the Romanian diplomat Silviu Ionescu, Singapore Ambassador to Bucharest, Anil Kumar Nayar declared in a press conference on this theme. The diplomat underlined that most European diplomats have a very clear idea about the consequences of such a case if it would not be dealt with in a reasonable time span.

The information in short:

  • the negative implications of a possible lag in resolving the Ionescu case in Romania would have a negative effect on the image of the country, especially its image in Asia
  • There needs to be justice in the Ionescu case, either in Romania or in Singapore
  • All evidence indicate that Mr. Ionescu is guilty, and the position of Singapore was clear and constant: ideally, we would like to organize a trial here, to make sure justice is made but we understand there is no agreement with Romania so the case needs to be judged in Romania
  • In Singapore, for a car accident, Ionescu would receive 5 years of prison time, but there are more than one accusations against him
  • such a trial in Singapore would last months