Moscow is expecting to receive explanations as to why American Patriot missiles were stationed on Polish ground, close to the Russian border, Russian Foreign Affairs minister Serghei Lavrov declared on Thursday, quoted by RIA Novosti agency.

"We hope to receive clear explanations. We were assured, for the moment that these missiles are not against us. We've heard this before and we hope that in the future the new type of our relations with Washington and Warsaw will allow for more detailed explanations of the actual situations", Lavrov explained.

According to the agreement sealed between Poland and the US in December 11, 2009, an American base camp will be stationed on Polish territory, in the town of Morag, 80 km away from the Russian border.

Several Patriot land-air missiles batteries will be stationed here, to be followed later by SM-3 missiles, capable to intercept ballistic missiles.

Russia will not dislocate Iskander missiles to Kandahar

At the moment, Russia does not intend to station the Iskander missiles system in the region of Kaliningrad, as an answer to the US move, Interfax informs, quoting Russian Foreign Office sources.

"For now, the issue of stationing Iskander missiles has not been raised, because Patriot do not represent missile shield elements. However, there are missiles systems that are important for the air defence system", the quoted sources declared. At the same time, the diplomat underlined that the institution he represented did not understand the aim of having American installations so close to the Russian border: "We did not understand why they were stations in Russia's close neighbourhood".