Lena, Germany's representative and the winner of the 2010 Eurovision international music contest, has been accused of plagiarism, according to Romanian news agency Agerpres. It reports that Bulgarian radio Darik claims part of Lena's song Satellite was inspired from a popular Bulgarian song. It is not the first time when a Eurovision winner is accused of plagiarism.

In 2007, the Serbian song was seen as a copy of an Albanian song, while in 2009 the Norwegian representative's song was compared to a Russian one.

Bulgarian journalist Dragomir Simeonov claims that, intentionally or not, the first part of the Satellite song is similar to a melody with which Bulgarian TV show for children "Leka nost deta!" starts. And the journalist "congratulates" Bulgarians for "eventually, our country found success at Eurovision".

Despite the accusations, most visitors who commented on the website of the Bulgarian radio station pointed out the two songs are quite different.