An Ukrainian expert says that while officially Romania does not make any territorial claims on Ukraine, Bucharest was developing an intense cultural, economic and foreign policy activity in the Republic of Moldova, Transdniester and Ukrainian regions of Odessa and Cernauti. He made the statement during a debate organised by Moskovsky Komsololets newspaper on Romania's goals in the region and their meanings for Ukraine.

Vitaly Kulik, head of a center for studying the problems of the civil society, says Ukraine was paying not enough efforts on the issue of the continental plateau and exclusive economic areas in the Serpents Island perimeter. And he said Ukraine had enough political and diplomatic influence policy in defending its interests but that the Ukrainian government did not have a systematic working schedule to protect interests on Danube-Black Sea navigation.

And the deputy head of an Ukrainian institute on the research of environment issues, Aleksandr Vasenko, Romania's claims related to environment aspects in the Danube-Black Sea channel were growing year on year.