Romania and Bulgaria are the states with the lowest GDP per person in the European Union. Bulgaria ranks last, with 41% of the EU average, while Romania ranks just above it, with 45% of the European average, according to the data presented by the European office for statistics Eurostat.

According to preliminary estimated for 2009, the GDP per citizen illustrated by the buying power varies between 41% and 268% in regards to the EU average, considering all the 27 member states.

The GDP per head in Finland, France, Spain, Italy, Cypress and Greece is 10% above or below the EU average. Ireland, The Netherlands, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Great Britain and Belgium have a GDP per capita 15 to 35% above the EU average, while the highest level is seen in Luxembourg - 268% above the EU average.

Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Malta, Portugal and Slovakia score below the average EU GDP per person, with -10 to -30%.

The EU member states chart concludes with Romania and Bulgaria.

In Croatia, the GDP per person is 64% of the EU average, while in Turkey figures indicate 46% and 35% in Macedonia.

The lowest level in Europe is recorded in Albania, with the GDP per capita amounting to 27% of the European average.