The Parliament in Chisinau, the Republic of Moldova's capital, failed to condemn communism during the Monday's session, when a debate on the report of the Commission for evaluating the totalitarian communist regime in Moldova should have taken place, Hotnews.mdinforms. "This condemnation needs to take place in a manner that would allow us to not return to the issue ever again", PLDM leader Vlad Filat declared.

"The decision to postpone the festive gathering at the Parliament was met while the Alliance for European Integration was sitting on Monday, June 28, at the first hour.

Temporary president Mihai Ghimpu refused to give more statements to the press because he was in a rush to lay flowers at the gravestone of the victims of the soviet occupation this Saturday, June 26, in the Great National Assembly Piata from Chisinau.

The Moldovan PM laid flowers at the deportation monument at the Rail Way.

"Somebody went to lay flowers at a different gravestone, part of a future monument , in the memory of Stalinist repressions' victims. Only the monument was placed there also by the Ghimpu family", Mihai Ghimpu remarked during the event in the Great National Assembly Piata.

AMN president Serafim Urechean abstained from making any statements, after the AIE gathering. But previously, Urechean had declared that this "would not be the first decree to not be respected. Nobody will ask for Ghimpu's resignation. We mustn’t swallow Voronin's bait [ex-communist leader, NB]. During eight years of governance, he made more errors than Ghimpu's decree", Serafim Urechean said.

Communist deputies had announced they would be taking part in the festive gathering, but after it got postponed, they organised a protest in front of the Republic's Palace, involving several hundreds of supporters, asking for Ghimpu's resignation, according to "Down with Ghimpu!", "Down with the liberal quartet!" and "Alliance out!" were their main shouts.