Consulates at Cahul and Balti will start to issue visas for Moldovans starting July 9th. The consulates were open in record time, considering that it's been only 8 months since the Moldovan government approved the intention of the Romanian government to issue visas. Moldova is in a pre-electoral rush, a constitutional referendum is up next and early presidential and Parliamentary elections are scheduled.

Consulates at Balti and Cahul became reality after years of negotiations. Romania requested the acceptance of the Voronin administration to set up the consulates as the Chisinau consulate could not face the great number of visa requests.

The two consulates will cover the Republic of Moldova and requests from the North and the South of the country will be able to avoid a trip to Chisinau, the capital city. Currently, the Embassy in Chisinau issues 400-500 visas/day.