Moldavian and Romanian authorities are trying to stop the practice of selling places in the queue that forms to get to the Romanian Embassy from Republic of Moldova's capital Chisinau, Komsomolskaia Pravda reads in Moldova. One place can cost from 20 lei to 50. So far, 10 penal investigations were carried out against criminals operating the sells, Moldova's Interior minister Mihai Ciubotaru said.

According to him, the Police intend to engage in permanent patrolling around the embassy, while the road police will forbid cars to park close to the building.

Romanian Embassy's plenipotentiary minister Gabriel Pistol declared that the number of people requesting consular services doubled against last year.

The minister added that Romania spends around four million Euros every year for the free issue of visas to Moldavian citizens. "It would be preferably for Romania's gesture to not be tendentiously interpreted by part of the press", Pistol added.