Two officials from the Education Ministry in Sofia will be fired following a scandal related to the baccalaureate exam, quoted by Novinite. Asen Petrov and Krasimir Lefterov were the subjects of an investigation led by the police and the Education Ministry, after the questions and answers for the baccalaureate were sold online one day before the exam.

Minister Sergei Ignatov announced on Monday that Petrov and Lefterov are the two officials who sold the baccalaureate subjects. The exam took place in May.

Asen Petrov was responsible for the translation of the questionnaire in Braille for the students from a special school in Sofia. Lefterov is chief-accountant at the Bulgarian Education Ministry.

The Bulgarian Police and Education Ministry initiated an investigation after parents and students declared the questions and answers were sold online one day before the exam for 600 leva / 300 Euros.

Minister Ignatov announced received an official report from the Bulgarian Department for the Fight against Organised Crime (GDBOP) and that he had already signed the order to dismiss Petrov. A similar measure will be applied in Lefterov's case.

The Minister's declared that Lefterov refused to stand the lie detector test. In Petrov's case, the results show he lied when he said he did not sell questionnaires online.