The Constitutional Court from the Republic of Moldova decided to authorise the initiative to change article 78 from Moldova's Constitution through national referendum, the press from Chisinu informs. The Government coalition - Alliance for European Integration - proposed a return to direct election, meaning the president would be elected by the people. The Parliament in Chisinau is free to set the date for the referendum, which is likely to be September 5.

There will be a one question-one answer referendum: whether they want to elect the president of the Republic of Moldova with a straight vote. The referendum will be validated if one third of the electors will turn up at the polls. If half of them respond affirmatively, then the president is going to be elected by the people.

The referendum must be announced 60 days before the day of the event and Wednesday, July 7, is the deadline if they want to organise it on September 5.

The role of president of the Republic of Moldova was created in 1990 and, initially, the chief of state was elected through people's straight vote. But the legislation was modified later. Starting with 2000, the President has been elected by the Parliament. This is what caused the blockage in the system last year, when the legislative in Chisinau failed three times to elect the president. At least 61 deputies or 3 fifths of all members of Parliament need to vote the same person in order to impose a candidate. If the procedure fails, a second round is organised, with only the first two candidates take part. If none of them raise the necessary support, then the president dissolves the Parliament, but only once in a year. Several round of elections are carried out within the limit of 30 days.

Because of the political blockage, the Alliance for European Integration proposed to return to people's straight vote.