EU member states host about 2.5-2.7 million Romanian immigrants, OECD appreciates in its most recent edition of the Immigration Report published in Paris on Monday, Romanian news agency Agerpres informs.

In 2008, about 61,400 Romanians migrated to other EU member countries based on temporary work contracts - a 11% increase compared to 2007. Of these, 47,000 chose Germany and 5,400 Spain. The sums sent back in Romania reached the highest level in 2008 with 9.4 billion dollars according to a World Bank study quoted by OECD.

The number of immigrants in Romania remains low - 10,000 people in 2008, a 5% increase compared to 2007. The total number of working permits released in 2008 was 76,700, a 30% increase than in 2007.

In Europe migration represented 44% of the total immigration registered in OECD countries.