The media, a threat to the Romanian national security, French television France24 commented in a material about Romania's Defense Strategy in which the press is listed as a vulnerability. In the material, aired on Tuesday night by the French television, signalled by the Romanian news agency Mediafax, Romanians journalists are described as writing what they think.

Here are the main ideas of the material:

  • introduction: President Traian Basescu just signed a new law on national strategy, limiting what newspapers and other media institutions can say 
  • The National Defense includes a suggestion that press campaigns against the government can destabilize the country
  • Romanians authorities want to read positive news - this seems to be the rationale behind the new national security strategy of the President 
  • Journalists the criticize public institutions are seen as a threat to national security 
  • The news television quotes Claudiu Pandaru, editor in chief of the daily Gandul newspaper who says that the claim that the press is a vulnerability to the national security is a non sense 
  • Romania's President chose to fight against a vulnerable enemy instead of fighting against corruption

The material is illustrated, among others, with images from the recent prostests against the government held in Bucharest. The images also portray President Basescu attending a military parade.