Amber Nicklas, a girl from California who was kidnapped in 2003, when she was three, by an aunt who ran with her from a restaurant was found seven years later in a family of Romanians in Phoenix, Arizona the Daily Mail reads. Amber seemed fine, she speaks both Romanian and English and was traumatized when authorities took her from those she called parents, local police declared.

The girl is currently under the care of Californian authorities. According to the police, she was never in school. Both the name and the birth date were changed not to raise suspicions. There is no information that the family has any connection with the kidnapping.

The child seemed well taken care of and fed, the girl was very happy, authorities declared. Even though she was never taken to school, she lived a semi-normal life: she named these people mother and father, was not treated badly.

Amber was kidnapped by one of her biological aunts during a meeting of the two families, set up by a court. Three aunts present at the meeting distracted the adoptive mother and took the child. Two of them were arrested but a third escaped with the girl. The biological mother gave her rights over the child.