President Traian Basescu follows the Great Romania dream and hundreds of thousands of unhappy people in Moldova, who will be issued Romanian passports will be able to enter freely in the EU, an article published by the Italian daily Il Giornale and quoted by the Moldovan daily Jurnal de Chisinau. European countries will be thus fooled, the article reads.

We are 28 member states in the EU and we did not even know: Bucharest will offer the EU a new, invisible and unwanted member state, the article reads. The article describes the immense cues in front of the Romanian Embassy in Chisinau. Il Giornale describes Moldova as a host for stollen cars and prostitution girls.

The Telegraph reads in its Sunday edition about the situation in the Republic of Moldova whose citizens, the article reads, will be received by the EU through Romania's aid. It is amazing that about 1 million Moldovans requested the Romanian citizenshop. It is essential for the EU and Great Britain to take a stand unless we want a new immigration wave, the article reads.