The decision to exhume former Communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife, Elena was widely taken over in the foreign press. Thus, the subject reached most news agencies and was quoted by online editions of the main daily newspapers. Associated Press interviewed Valentin Ceausescu, the last alive son of the couple. He declared for AP that he is closer to knowing the truth.

The agency said that a team of officials and experts exhumed the remainings of the Ceausescu family and a DNA test will be conducted to establish whether they were buried in the Ghencea cemetery or not.

AFP reads that the purpose of the action was to establish whether the remainings were buried there or not. AFP notes that the Ceausescus ruled Romania with an iron hand betwen 1965 to 1989. After the street manifestations in 1989 the two tried to escape but were caught and sued and executed in the same year.

The two were buried under false names in the Ghencea civil cemetery, AFP informs. French daily Le Figaro reads that the two were exhumed to reveal the truth about the burial.

Financial Times notes the nostalgy some Romanians still have for the Communist period.