Sources within the European Commission confirmed for that the Brussels executive sent a first formal notice to Romanian authorities regarding possible irregularities in the attribution of a contract for the Craiova Energetic Complex following several complaints received from companies attending the public tender. Based on the available information, the Commission considered that Romania might not respect several rules from the 2004/17/EC Directive on the attribution of contracts in water, energy, transports and postal services.

EC representatives explained that in July 2009, Romania's Economy ministry sent an application for a major installation project to de-sulphur gases for the Craiova II Energetic Complex. The Commission evaluated the file and decided to offer financing.

Romanian authorities launched a public procurement procedure for the project and on May 7, after several complaints received from companies that attended the public tender, the Commission sent a first formal warning notice and urged for more details.

By the EC deadline, July 7, Romanian authorities sent a series of explanations, EC representatives declared for