New car sales in France dropped by 13% last month, a direct effect of the state's decision to decrease the stipend of the Rabla program,where the state offers owners a stipend in exchange for their old cars. Local brands like Renault, Peugeot and Citroen covered 53% of the market share followed by Volkswagen and Dacia, the only brands that registered high sales in July.

Car sales in France increased by 3% this year to 1.38 million and Dacia sales advanced by 100% to more than 70,000 cars, official data reveals. In July, 170.000 new cars were sold in France, a 13% decrease compared to the similar month, last year. The decline is a direct consequence of the state's decision to diminish the stipend for old cars from 1000 euro to 500 euro curretly.