Traian Basescu's declarations regarding Romanians who choose to work abroad instead of staying in the country and benefiting from the unemployment aid triggered the criticism of the British press. The President's remarks encourage the migration of Romanians in countries like Great Britain, Daily Express reads.

President Basescu is criticized for arguing that Romanians accept to do all the hard work while the Spanish and Italians prefer to live off the unemployment aid. Romanians take the jobs of the lazy citizens who expect the state's aid, Daily Express quotes Basescu saying.

Invited on Wednesday night at the public television, Basescu thank those Romanians who prefer to work abroad than live off unemployment aids in the country. In Italy and Spain, Basescu said, social protection is high which determines citizens to live off it.

Basescu wondered what were the consequences if the 2 million Romanians working in Spain, Italy or Germany would come in the country are ask for their unemployment aid. Daily Express notes that even if Basescu did not mention Great Britain, this is the second most preferred destination for Romanian immigrants after Germany.

According to official estimates, about 100,000 Romanians are working in Great Britain but journalists note that their numbers will increase.