Le Progres reads on Sunday, using a comparison from football, about the situation of the gypsies evacuated on Friday from a camp in Saint Etienne, South East France: they are looking for a plce to stay whole the police has an order to deter them to establish somewhere on long term and they play hide and seek.

Of about 100 evacuated gypsies only 10 accepted to return in Romania but most do not want to hear about this option. Their life is worse in Romania than in France, Georges Gunther, a member of the community that supports them.

The police however, have strict orders to stop them from installing them. In the worse case, if they manage to enter a building, the police needs to evacuate them immediately. This happened on Saturday when about 80 gypsies forced entry in the La Jomayere clinic.

The gypsies evacuated from Saint Etienne were evacuated on Friday the 11th time since the beginning of the year and for the 8th time in May, Le Monde reads. The situation gets worse, Gunther declared who said that the Rroma community installs in worse conditions.