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Mixed feelings for Radu Mihaileanu's movie, the Concert in the US: full of venerable stereotypes for the New Yor Times, a very good movie for the San Francisco Chronicle 

de A.C.
Luni, 9 august 2010, 9:24 English | Regional Europe

The Concert entered the American cinemas on July 30, distributed by The Weinstein Company LLC. The movie was on the 48th place with profits of 36.316 dollars. American critics who wrote about the movie have mixed feelings. 

The Washington Post resumed to a short synopsis and awarded the movie to two stars and a half out of four. The New York Times published a full chronicle by Stephen Holden where he appreciates the act of Melanie Laurent but considers that the movie aspires to be a replica to the movie Producers and did not manage very well. 

The San Francisco Cronicle reads in an article signed by Mick LaSalle that he loved the movie and says that it is very good and that it has some parts where it gives out the impression that the director, Romanian Radu Mihaileanu loses control. 

In Romania, the movie received four Gopo awards and was seen by 23,631 spectators and was classed on the 74th place in the box office of the year. 

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