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How to get a work permit in Great Britain with Hungary's help / One of the conditions: to be able to say "wake up Romanian" in Hungarian

de Attila Biro, adapt. A.C.
Luni, 9 august 2010, 10:07 English | Regional Europe

Romanian citizens of Hungarian origin will be able to take advantage, starting January 1, 2011 by a new modification of a law in Hungary which allows them to work in countries like Great Britain or Germany. By 2013, countries like Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands and Great Britain have restrictions for Romanian workers to prevent them from entering the labor market. However, these restrictions can be avoided by ethnic Hungarians with Romanian citizenship who have the possibility, starting 2011 to obtain Hungarian citizenship and a passport. Unlike Romania, Hungary does not have labor restrictions in the above mentioned countries. Romania's Embassy officials confirmed for that the Hungarian state will offer citizenship without restrictions or conditions. Unofficial estimates reveal that the number of those requesting citizenship might amount to 500,000. 

Several publications from Great Britain criticized Romania's President Traian Basescu's declarations regarding Romanians who chose to work abroad instead of staying in the country and requesting unemployment aid. The DailyMail writers read that their labor market is threatened as the declarations of the Romanian President encourage migration in countries like Great Britain. 

Meanwhile, the Hungarian Parliament approved the modifications of the citizenship law that loosens the conditions to obtain citizenship of ethnic Hungarians outside Hungary. The only conditions is that those who request citizenship must prove they know the language and that they pertain to the Hungarian ethnicity. 

Other conditions: they must prove they do not have criminal records, and should not have been sentenced by a Hungarian court. Another condition is that the person must not endanger the public and national security of the Hungarian state. 

Representatives of the Romanian Embassy to Hungary, consulted by explained that persons who receive Hungarian citizenship can also request a passport and this way, they will be able to work in EU member states without restriction. There will be no impediment for Hungarians with Romanian citizenship, who will get a Hungarian citizenship, to work in Germany or Great Britain. 

Another advantage that comes along with the Hungarian citizenship is that Hungary is art of the Visa Waiver program which waives any visa for those wishing to travel to the US. 

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