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Russian press: President Traian Basescu makes original declarations live on TV 

de A.C.
Marţi, 10 august 2010, 15:18 English | Regional Europe

Romanian President Traian Basescu made a series of original declarations live on TV, Novye izvestia reads. First, he congratulated the millions of Romanian workers leaving in the West who are not only sending money back home but they do not receive in their country unemployment aids or other social aids which smoothens the life of the other citizens. Morever, he rushed a wave of criticism towars Western countries with lazy citizens where Romanians need to take the toughest jobs. Such declarations are unlikely well received in Brussels, where a new wave of Hungarian immigrants is expected, the publication reads. 

In a way, Basescu is right, the publication reads. Romanians in Western Europe receive the right to child aid, household compensations and other social facilities. The farther they go, the better. For example, after 12 months in Great Britain, foreigners can benefit of important payments, similar with the unemployment aid for British citizens. 

In Romania, the unemployment aid is only 32 dollars/month but British unemployed up to 24 years get 80 dollars while those over 24 years old they get 100 dollar per week, not per month. 

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