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Le Figaro: EU's backdoor expansion - 5 million Moldovans, Macedonians or Serbians can obtain a European passport 

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Joi, 12 august 2010, 13:30 English | Regional Europe

Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria - three of the newest EU member states, mandated by Brussels to assure Eastern borders of the EU, breached in a way their attributions by their decision to open up the EU fortress. About five million Moldovans, Macedonians, Serbian, Ukrainian and Turkish have or will have the possibility to gain a European passport even though their countries are not part of the EU, Le Figaro reads in its online edition. 

  • Hungary
The French publication reminds about the controversial citizenship law adopted recently in Hungary. The text, adopted on May 26 at the initiative of PM Viktor Orban sounds like a revenge or a challenge, Le Figaro reads.

The law targets the 3.5 million Hungarian ethnics outside borders and will offer to about 300,000 Serbians of Hungarian origin double citizenship. The same is true for 150,000 Ukrainians pertaining to the Hungarian minority. 

  • Romania 
Romanians authorities are caution first of all because the Hungarian minority sometimes remembers it has dreams of territorial autonomy and Bucharest cannot criticize Hungary when it needs to do the same. 

Le Figaro reminds its readers that in April 2009 President Basescu decided to simplify procedures for citizenship offered to Moldovans wishing to obtain one, and who can prove they have Romanian descendancy. 

About 120,000 Moldovans already hold a Romanian passport and another 800,000 submitted requests to obtain it. Their number seems to grow. 

  • Bulgaria
Bulgaria also facilitated procedures for citizenship for the 2.5 million Bulgarian ethnics living outside the borders. They are spread in Ukraine, Moldova, Albania, Greece and Macedonia and Turkey. About 1.4 million Macedonians might receive a European passport. 

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