French sports journalist Nelson Monfort made a bad joke at the address of Romanians, on France 2 television during the European Swimming Championships taking place in Budapest, Le Post reads. Referring to the fact that the French swimmer, of Romanian origin, Roxana Maracineanu, present in the television's studio, is managing the money of a fan club, Monfort said that " We should be careful with Romanians on this matter".

Monfort was taking an interview of the French Aurore Mongel and said that Mongel is very appreciated and declared that Roxana Maracineanu, the French swimmer born in Romania, a consultant of the television, is her main supporter.

Moreover, Monfort commented that Maracineanu also manages the finances of Mongel's fan club and declared that "we need to be careful with Romanians on this matter". Even if the journalist said it is a joke, this is not the first time this happens on France 2.

In April, a French comedian presented the Romanian greeting where he included the gesture to beg money.