The self proclaimed king of the Rroma people, Florin Cioaba said that it is impossible that all illegal camps destroyed in France have only fellons and he declares himself dissatsified with the decision of the French authorities to expel Rroma people who earn a decent living and integrated in France, Romanian news agency Mediafax informs.

The French government announced that it plans to destroy three hundred illegal camps and I cannot image that they are all inhabited by fellons, Florin Cioaba declared. He underlined that those committing fellonies whould be expelled, and punished but there are Rroma people in France or Italy who integrated quite well and earn a decent living.

Cioaba said that the government in Bucharest needs to do something, maybe build them houses or find shelters, a job and offer an aid. He said that those coming from France do not have anything else to do as they do not have houses or a family here anymore.