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Ukraine accuses Romania of introducing "discriminating" tariffs for ships crossing Danube-Black Sea channel

de Olga Popescu, transl. by V.O.
Vineri, 20 august 2010, 18:42 English | Regional Europe

Ukraine has accused Romania of introducing "discriminating" tarrifs for ships carrying goods through the Ukrainian Danube-Black Sea channel and out at sea through the Sulina Channel, which belongs to Romania. The claims towards Bucharest were made by Ukrainian minister Konstantin Fomenko during a recent visit to regions along Danube, according to Nezavissimaya Gazeta.

The cascade of Ukraine's accusations towards Romania come after the Russian media reported, quoting FSB sources, that Romanian diplomat Gabriel Grecu was expelled from Russia after trying to obtain secret information on Transdniester and Ukraine. The Ukrainian Foreign minister warned Romania on Thursday that the country was not accepting "territorial concessions".

At a July 17 meeting with European Commissioner Johannes Hahn, PM Nikolai Azarov said the country was concerned about the position of Romania which he said unilaterally opted for extension works in the Danube Delta to redirect transports of goods towards its ports. The Commissioner said negotiations with the Foreign Ministry had begun to identify acceptable solutions for both parts in cases related to the Danube Delta.

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