French PM Francois Fillon sent a letter to EC President Jose Manuel Barroso on Wednesday urging him to prompt Romania use the annual allocation of 4 billion euro in European funds to solve the issue of Rroma people integration, Reuters reports.

French secretary for European Affairs Pierre Lellouche argued the initiative of the French government by saying France did not have the legal means to force the Romanian government spend these funds for shelters and for the education of the population. But Europe can do so and that is why the prime minister wrote to Mr. Barroso, Lellouche said.

A Romanian governmental delegation was in Paris on Wednesday to discuss the issue of Rroma people and their expulsion to Romania. The French authorities defended the policy to repatriate hundreds of Gypsy people over the past several weeks suggesting it may block Romania's accession to Schengen area unless it solves its problems.

Lellouche was quoted by Reuters as saying the Romanian government must make the issue a national priority or risk some things to happen, mainly in relation with Romania's Schengen accession.