Romania's Finance ministry sent, on August 19, another ordinance draft to the Central European Bank in which the 25% cut of salaries within the National Central Bank is hidden, after the previous draft which ruled the same cut received a negative response from the Central European Bank. CEB President, Jean Claude Trichet expressed his concern that Romania's Finance ministry cannot understand that they cannot cut salaries in a central bank. The project reads that the sums reduced from salaries should remain at the National Central Bank from which the government takes 80% - the profit that the central bank sends to the government.

The opinion of the European bank is loud and clear and can be translated into "please do not attempt to bully us, it is not working" which means that the Treaty is not respected. The decision of the government to cut salaries of the National Central Bank employees and the forced trasfer of those sums to the budget was criticized by the CEB that urged the government to modify the law, by the European Commission that threated to launch the infringement procedure and to the IMF that insisted to include the commitment that the government will cancel their recent reckless initiatives.