Over 30 gypsies from Romania living in illegal camps in Madrid's outskirts might be expelled if their penal files, opened by the local police, are considered. They are felons with plenty of convictions and live in harsh condition in El Gallinero, transformed into a no man's land. Gypsies come either from Braila or Tandarei, a village dominated by gypsies in Romania.

Spanish daily ABC notes in its electronic edition that the Madrid police considers to open up repatriation files so that those who are a danger to society be expelled. The Spanish daily reads that the decision has nothing to do with the situation in France.

The publication reads that the police consider expelling gypsies who were already convicted 20 or 30 times. In Spain, the decision of repatriation is taken based on the lenght of stay and the level of social and cultural integration in Spain, age, health condition, economic situation and the importance of ties with the country of origin.