The Daily Telegraph tested Dacia Duster two years before the model is scheduled to reach Great Britain. Journalist Andrew English wonders, in the article, what would the car be good at. The article presents the Duster model as an old car, with an aspect that takes clients to the 70s - 80s and that does not have anything to offer other than its basic options and does not transmit any emotion whatsoever.

The journalist goes on to describe the interior of the car, which he qualifies are clearly old with a rough design and simple inserts. However, he points to some good parts of the car: the chairs are comfortable and there is enough space.

Duster seems to be built well and did not create any problem during the three days of testing The journalist reads that driving the car feels a lot better than expected, considering its origins.

English concludes with the comment that the car's targeted clients could choose a second hand car that would shadow the Duster easily.