The German police found on Monday, August 30 the body of a Romanian woman, Lacramioara M. and her three years old boy, Marcus in the basement of a building where more families lived. The double murder happened in Rosenheim, 65 km of Munchen. The three year old baby was hanged and the women was beaten to death.

A week after the crimes, the main suspect remains the former husband of the woman, a German citizen orginary from Romania. However, he was not caught year. The German police extended its search in Austria and Romania, offering a 5,000 euro reward for any clues.

The reward announcement was made by the Rosenheim police on Friday, September 3rd. Despite the investigation, the killer could not be found. Franz Muller, the former husband of the woman and the main suspect was nowhere to be found.

The police does not exclude the possibility that the man is armed. The police received information that Muller was seen in a regional train to Bad Reichenhall, a city at the border with Austria.

The body of the woman was found by a neigbour. Shortly before, somebody called the police prior to this, accusing that something suspect happened in the house. The woman divorced and took her baby with her. She forbid the man any vists.