French Prefects receive a notification from the Immigration ministry which read that all gypsie camps must be closed immediately. Immigration minister Eric Besson declared last week in Bucharest that in this action, the government does not discriminate against nationality or ethnicity. On Monday, French daily Le Figaro read that Besson said that he did not know about the notification.

France tried lately to defend its policy against the gypsies at the EU level. However, recently, a French newspaper released a notification from the Interior ministry reading that authorities should close all gypsie camps immediately.

The document is dated August 5, 2010 and is signed by Michel Bart, the Interior ministry chief of cabinet. He mentions several times that gypsie camps must be treated with priority compared to other ethnic minorities.

Despite all this, Besson said at Bucharest that France did not trigger the campaign against gypsies but against all illegal immigrants.